We are a company that specializes in building the most complex high-rise buildings down to building the most detailed and most prestigious luxury homes in South Florida.

We also specialize in restaurant construction; our team of experts is trained in design assist and fast track construction and with over 100 projects completed to date. Much like the commercial and hospitality work, the more complex the better the value we can offer.

Our projects expand over every sector of the market which includes the new construction of a hotel as well as a renovation of an old one. The condo and apartment hi rise market is where we can offer the most value. These types of projects require high levels of project management, design assistance and CAD/BIM modeling to complete them efficiently, on time and on budget.

The systems that we use were created and developed by our team of experts to specifically run each and every project as efficiently and cost effective as possible. By using our systems along with our trained staff will help to assist you in performing even the most complex projects. Utilizing our systems will help maximize all profits, creating the overall value that you want to achieve on every project.

We are constantly keeping up with all the new trends in the construction industry as well as the technology that goes along with it. We are and always will be striving to be at the top of our industry. We value our relationships and look forward to making new ones.